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Can We Select Extruded Aluminium Alloy?. Which Alloy should We select?

Yes..! In Saanvi Extrusion Private Limited you can choose your required aluminum alloys and completely develop your own customized aluminum extrude as per your requirement. We provide complete service from alloy selection and die manufacturing to delivery of your required aluminum extrusions.
ere are The most common aluminum alloys for extrusion which you can select as per your requirements you can read the details below:
  • 1100 — It’s soft and has essentially no added ingredients. Although not heat-treatable, it can be extruded into complex shapes that have a good bright finish. This alloy finds use in appearance items and heats exchanger tubes.
  • 3003 —The 3000 Series alloys are usually only extruded for the heat-exchanger tubes.
  • 6063 — A good match for decorative purposes with a good surface finish or for features difficult to extrude such as thin walls or fine details. It extrudes fairly easily and is available in multiple tempers. The alloy also has a 25,000 psi minimum yield and 30,000 psi minimum ultimate strength when T6 is tempered. It resists corrosion but has a low weld strength though it welds readily.
  • 6061 — Stronger than 6063, this alloy is a structural staple in the transportation and machined parts industries. It has a proven track record and an extensive database of properties which include minimum ultimate yield and tensile strengths of 35,000 and 38,000 psi, respectively. The alloy extrudes and welds readily. These attributes coupled with high fracture toughness and good fatigue strength have made it a shoo-in for welded structural members which include auto, truck, and trailer frames, railroad cars, and pipelines.
  • 7004 — One in a family of “low end” 7000 Series (Al-Zn) alloys that are press heat treatable, reasonably extrude able, and cost a little more than 6061. High-weld strength, over 30,000 psi compared to 20,000 psi for 6061, is a major plus. The 7000 Series has historically been widely applied in the sporting goods, bicycle, and motorcycle industries. The 7004 alloy has the ultimate yield and tensile strengths above 40,000 and 50,000 psi, respectively.
by Vasu Aggarwal 2023-03-09 12:04:37.000000

How aluminium extrusions are made..?

Here is everything you need to know about aluminum extrusion
Aluminum extrusions are an essential part of our homes, although many people do not even notice them. They are usually part of the window or door systems, but the application does not stop there. Aluminum bars have countless applicat...
ions in building and manufacturing industries, therefore the quality of each product must be impeccable.

Saanvi Extrusion with the brand name Tiger is the one of largest manufacturers of aluminum extruded bars for forging and one of the largest manufacturers of drawn bars in Delhi NCR and All over India. In our manufacturing process, which is trusted by all the largest Indian automotive companies and the construction industry, we apply the best possible production practices which we continuously improve. Read on to find out why this process is crucial for so many industries and why Impol is the best answer when it comes to quality extrusion Aluminium Kitchen Profile, Glazing Clip, Curtain Section, Aluminium Photo Frame, rods, tubes, profiles, and many more. You can click here to get complete details of the process of the manufacturing process of aluminum extrusions.
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